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Dumbledauch reminds me of the big lobowski lol amazing animations still god

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thank you so much for the comments! The best is yet to come, friend. You should be a fan if you haven't done so already! Thanks again. I put a lot of work into these. And it's DUMBLEDOUCHE...:) Just so you know. :)

universe in this roach..pulls out a full joint lmaooo, and the universe shit We all know a guy like that,

3rabbitsproductions responds:

I work with a guy like that haha.

I say the 4th one, going back to watch them all. soooo freaking good

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Agreed...Saved by the Text is the most original out of all of them in my opinion. I just really like the party scene and the soundtrack too. Thanks so much for the kind comments, friend.

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This is....this is more than just a simple game...no...no this is a way of life. 10/10 just like skyrim but with patatos, Hold...the pickles. AH <--

It's like skyrim but with homework. 10/10

Its was kind of slow, walking could of been a little faster, I felt like punching my monitor because it was so slow, Music was really good, I wish there was more of a plot of the two. otherwise I liked the graphics nice relaxing graphic. so overall pretty good.

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I really enjoyed this. I liked the message and the way you flowed with the beat. I can't wait to hear more from you!

fukkbunnyent responds:

im going to still fix it some more

really great night music, I could easily fall asleep to this. the piano is amazing and super jazzy. Great job

Nimble responds:

You reminded me I need to go back and rework this song. Thanks :p

I really like the upbeatness of this song, Fits amazing to a good 80's detective background even that call me crazy this could easily be a nintendo soundtrack for a NES game. I like the synth riffs.

Nimble responds:

Yeah, I was going for a fight-scene kind of song. it's a bit slow looking back on it, but it works.

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Well, This picture is so amazing I'm going to use it for my profile picture and the next song, ;) which is going to be amazing

I think this is really good, looks amazing and the fact its was made with paper is even more creativity, I think this would look pretty good as a tattoo too. nice good.

Wow, pretty good for only using paint.

Jabalclown responds:

thank u so much... i've made it lon ago but i thought it was pretty nice so i've submitted it

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